Master - MTM MSc Schwerpunktmodul
'Media and Information Markets and Platforms'
(SS '17)

C. Wellbrock

2 SWS, 6 CP

Fridays, 08:00 am - 11:30 am

Location: HS XXIII (WiSo-Building)

Start: Apr. 21,'17

Exam: Jul. 21,'17, 9:00 am

Held in English

This course addresses three major topics from an economic perspective. (1) The impact of information technology on the structures and effectiveness of markets, firms and other mechanisms for coordination. (2) The economics of supply and competition in markets for information products and services. (3) The economics of network effects and network industries

Registration for the Course

WiSo students: Via KLIPS only.
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Department of Media and Technology Management