Master - Media and Technology Management
'Topics in Media Economics: Economics of Journalism'
(SS '18)
[also 'Hauptseminar Medienökonomie in VWL']

C. Wellbrock

2 SWS, 6 CP

Start (Mandatory Kick-Off): Apr. 20, 6:00 - 8:00 pm

Sessions: May 24 & May 25, both 09:00 am - 5:00 pm

Location tbd

Held in English


In this seminar, we apply concepts and tools from economic to investigate several issues concerning journalism from an economic perspective, such as journalism and democracy, media bias, public service media, production and pricing of digital journalistic products.

Possible topics are:

(1)      The Media and Journalism Industries’ Role in the Domestic Economy

(2)      The Political Economy of Journalism

(3)      Journalism as the Fourth Estate

(4)      Media Capture

(5)      Media Effect of Journalism

(6)      Effects of Journalism on Individual Consumers

(7)      Demand for Journalistic Quality

(8)      Journalistic Quality and Economic Success

(9)      Competition and Media Performance

(10)    Hostile Media Effect, Confirmation Bias, Homophily, Cognitive Dissonance and Heuristics: why Consumers Prefer Biased Media Content

(11)    Political Media Bias

(12)    Advertiser Bias

(13)    Selection Bias

(14)    Media Slant

(15)    Market Failure and Public Service Media in the Digital Environment

(16)    'Government Failure'? Efficiency of Public Service Media

(17)    Information Technology and the Organization of Journalistic Activity

(18)    Pricing of Digital Journalistic Products

(19)    Economics of Superstars, the Long Tail, and the Role of Journalists

(20)    International Trade for Journalistic Products



Grading will be based on

- 50%: Presentation (individual grades) depending on content and style of the presentation on May 24 or May 25, '18

- 50%: Term paper due Aug. 24, '18, 11:00 am, group grades if worked on in a group - up to 15 pages, TNR 12pt, 1.5 line spacing - details in the course)

It is required to at least 'pass' (grade 4.0 or better) each grading element for passing the course.

"Alle Prüfungselemente müssen mindestens bestanden sein."


Registration for the Course

Via KLIPS only


Exam Registration

Important: The kick-off session is on April 20th, '18,, 6:00pm - 8:00pm. Students will be officially registered for the 'examination' during this session. Attendance is mandatory! A registration after the kick-off session is not possible.

Wichtig: Die konstituierende Sitzung findet am 20. April, '18, 18:00-20:00 Uhr statt. Im Rahmen dieser Sitzung erfolgt die Prüfungsanmeldung. Die Teilnahme an der Sitzung ist verpflichtend! Eine nachträgliche Prüfungsanmeldung ist nicht möglich.