Master - Media and Technology Management: 'Seminar II'
(SS '18)

C. Loebbecke

2 SWS, 6 CP

Fridays, 12:30 noon - 5:30 pm, Dates: see below

Location: HS XXIII (WiSo-Building)

Start: Apr. 20, '18

Held in English (some knowledge of German is advantageous, but not required)

Mandatory Pre-Assignment - see below


Course tasks will be assigned during the first session. There are two options:

Option 1: Students join the MTM Entrepreneurship / Project course with all its details (if they have not yet taken that course and prefer to get 'seminar credits');

Option 2: Students develop a 'project and business case' for an MTM innovation to be offered/used by a large MTM player in Cologne, such as the WDR, NetCologne, UnityMedia, or DFL Digital Sports. Option 2 will focus on providing a detailed and realistic analysis of a business / cost saving potential under given regulatory and contractual constraints. Projects will be suggested in the first session - choices will depend on the number of registered students.

22nd MTM TradeFair

On July 6, '18, students will present their course results in the 'Foyer des Hörsaalgebäudes' to the public.


Group formation will be organized on April 13 by the professor. Students preferences will be taken into account. Registration details are shown below

Students who take MTM Entrepreneurship/Project and the Seminar II in the SS '18 should contact Prof. C. Loebbecke.


Dates and Location (max. 5 dates)

Apr. 20 (mandatory kick-off), April 27, May 18, June 15, June 29, July 6, July 13 -- all '18 in HS XXIII.

[Within the time slot 12:30 noon - 5:30 pm, later begin or earlier ending are possible, details to be shared during the first session.]
Those students who will go for Option 1 (see above), will have exactly the same course dates as the MTM Entrepreneurship/Project course.


Pre-Assignment due Apr. 11, '18, 11:00 am via eMail

There are three options below. The number of recommended words per sub-task points to the relative importance/detail. No scientific references needed. But if you use any sources, you must provide a proper reference list.

Three options:

1) WDR's website offerings:

2) WDR's 'Mediathek' offerings:

3) NetCologne's public WLAN offerings:


From your sMail account, please send an eMail to claudia.loebbecke <at> AND to denis.niederle <at> and  attach a non-protected word file.

eMail subject line: MTM-Sem-I-Lastname (Lastname only, no accent etc!)

File name: MTM-Sem-I-Lastname (Do not forget the hyphens, do not include spaces or anything else in the filename!)

Have your name, Matr. Number, sMail address, study program, and begin of program (1st master sem.), your chosen task/title, then continue on the same page. One page in total!

Times New Roman 12 pt, single-spaced, scientific writing style, references IN THE TEXT (no footnotes) with a complete reference list (if you have at least one source) formatted appropriately with all required information (see



All grading elements have to be passed in order to pass the course. Participation on April 20 and on July 06, both '18, is mandatory for passing the course.


Voluntary Registration for Course Participation

Via KLIPS only.


Binding Registration for the examination until Apr. 11, '18, 11:00 am (including waiting list).

A successful registration for the examination requires

(1) an MTM-Master-Account,

(2) online registration HERE for THIS course, AND

(3) a signed application form in our mailbox, Pohligstr.1, 50969 Cologne

Last chance to withdraw is on Apr. 11, '18, 11:00 am).  Participation is limited - on Apr. 11, '18, 11:00 am, we will forward the participant list to the WiSo-PA considering the registration sequence and perhaps waiting list for final admission. Later registration will NOT be possible.


For registration-related questions, please contact claudia.loebbecke <at> from your sMail account.

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