Media and Technology Management Entrepreneurship / Project
(Master - SS '19)


C. Loebbecke


2 SWS, 6 CP

Mondays, 12:30 pm - 2:00 pm, selected session dates see below

Location: Room 4.02, Pohligstr. 1, 50969 Cologne

Start: Apr. 08, '19

Held in English

Mandatory Pre-Assignment - see below



In the course, students be coached to work on different aspects of developing a single digital media platform in Germany or a business model for an AI application relevant to a media content provider. All sub-topics will integrate the perspective of a public broadcaster. To this end, we will all be guests in at least one session of the 'WDR Rundfunkrat' likely on May 2, - see below. Alternatively, students may attend a day at the Global Media Forum (Bonn), the ANGA (Cologne), or the re:publica (Berlin) - upon request we will help arrange those alternatives, costs to be covered by the students.
At the kick-off, we will share different sub-topics assigned to students. During a mid-term session, all students will present their first results and inform the other course participants. During the final session, again students will present and lead the discussion involving the other views as well.
All assignments will be individual, but students are encouraged to join forces throughout the course.


Dates and Location (max. 4 classroom dates plus attending one external event)

Apr. 8, Apr. 29, May 20, Jun. 17, Jun 24 - all  '19 in Rm 4.02 in Pohligstr. 1. plus mandatory attendance at one external meeting, likely WDR Rundfunkrat' likely on May 2, 2pm-7pm in the Wallraff-Richartz.Museum, Cologne.


Mandatory Pre-Assignment - due Apr. 04, '19, 11:00 am

A single digital media platform has been discussed along three main lines: Across public broadcasters in Europe OR across public and private broadcasters in Germany OR across journalistic content providers (public broadcasters and press) joining forces. Pick at least one of the three and

- Illustrate the basic idea / aim (search a bit through the press, esp. media politics etc.) - 50 word

- Provide two analytic arguments for and two against the sustainability of the envisioned media platform (e.g., regulation, pricing, costs, economics); ground at least one of the four arguments in the scientific literature) - 100 words

- Comment (your view!) on the likelihood of implementing the envisioned platform (compared to the current situation of the players involved) - 100 words



Have your name, Matr. Number, sMail address, study program, and begin of program (1st master sem.), your chosen task/title, then continue on the same page. One page in total!
Times New Roman 12 pt, single-spaced, scientific writing style, references IN THE TEXT (no footnotes) with a complete reference list (if you have at least one source) formatted appropriately with all required information (see


From your sMail account, please send an eMail to claudia.loebbecke <at> AND to denis.niederle < at> and attach a non-protected word file.

eMail subject line: MTM-EntreProject-I-Lastname (Lastname only, no accent etc!)

File name: MTM-EntreProject-I-Lastname (Do not forget the hyphens, do not include spaces or anything else in the filename!)



- Pre-Assignment (20%)
Intermediate assignment (25%)
Active participation / presentations during sessions (25%, individual)
Final paper - based on the final presentation (30%)
All grading elements have to be passed in order to pass the course.

"Alle Prüfungselemente müssen mindestens bestanden sein."


Required Course Registration until Apr. 01, '19, 11:00 am

A successful registration for the examination requires

(1) an MTM-Master-Account,

(2) online registration HERE for THIS course, AND

(3) a signed application form in our mailbox, Pohligstr.1, 50969 Cologne

On April 1, we will forward the participant list to KLIPS / WiSO-PA, which will allow you (only those registered for the course) to register for the examination. After that you can and must register for the examination by April 4, 2019. We will send those of you registered a reminding eMail to your sMail account.


Notwendige Veranstaltungsanmeldung bis 1. Apr. '19, 11:00 Uhr

Eine erfolgreiche Anmeldung erfordert

(1) einen MTM-Master-Account,

(2) Online-Anmeldung für die Veranstaltung

(3) unterschriebenes Anmeldeformular in unserem Briefkasten, Pohligstr.1, 50969 Köln.

Am 1. April leiten die Teilnehmerliste an KLIPS / WiSo-PA. Daraufhin können und müssen Sie sich selbst bis zum 4. April 2019 für die Prüfung anmelden. Wir werden den für den Veranstaltung Angemeldeten eine Erinnerungsmail an ihr sMail Account senden.


For registration-related questions, please contact rclaudia.loebbecke <at> from your sMail account.


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