Media and Technology Management Seminar I: Digital Media Innovation
(Master -
SS '19)


R. Kunz


2 SWS, 6 CP

Fridays, 12:30 - 5:30 pm, selected session dates see below

Location: HS XXIII (WiSo-Building)

Start: Apr. 12, '19

Held in English

Mandatory Pre-Assignment due Apr. 04, '19, 11:00 - see below



On the basis of existing studies published in journals of high relevance for media and technology management students will discuss papers, design empirical studies, as well as collect and analyze quantitative data. The students’ studies (e.g., survey or experiment) will be focused on replication of existing studies and should preferably extend the studies. Basic knowledge in statistics, experiment/survey design, and multivariate analysis is recommended, but can also be acquired during the course. The course aims at preparing the students for empirical research studies (e.g., master thesis).


Topics to be covered are, e.g.,
- Characteristics of media innovations
- Current developments in innovation management
- Management of media in the era of digitalization
- Media and technology consumer behavior
- Empirical studies on digital media innovations


Students MUST NOT also take 'MTM Selected Issues' with Prof. Kunz during the SS `19.


Group formation will be organized on April, 12, '19 by the professor. Students' preferences will be taken into account.


Dates and Location (max. 5 dates)

Apr. 12 (mandatory kick-off), May 03, May 10, May 17, May 24 - all '19, all sessions in HS XXIII.


Mandatory Pre-Assignment - due Apr. 04, '19, 11:00 am

Summarize in 750 to 1,000 words: Nambisan, S., Lyytinen, K., Majchrzak, A., & Song, M. 2017. Digital innovation management: reinventing innovation management research in a digital world. MIS Quarterly, 41(1): 223-238.


- Have your Name, Matr.-Number, sMail address and study program and its start date on top of the first page; then continue typing, no cover sheet

- Times New Roman 12 pt, single-spaced

- Scientific writing style – no jokes, no slang, hardly any passive voice

- References IN THE TEXT (no footnotes), avoid "ibid."

- Consistent format (including spacing)

- Page numbers of references only for word-by-word citations

- Complete reference list formatted appropriately with all required information per file (see – even if it is only one source.


Please send an eMail from your sMail account to reinhard.kunz<at> and attach a non-protected word file (.doc or .docx)

- Subject line: MTMIssues-DMI-PreAssign-Lastname -- no 'UNMLAUTE' and NO underscore!

- File name: MTMIssues-DMI-PreAssign-Lastname.doc(x) -- no 'UNMLAUTE' and NO underscore!



- Pre-Assignment (10%, individual) - due April 04, '19, 11:00 am via eMail (see above)

- Discussions and assignments during the sessions (30%, individual or group)

- Final presentation (30%, group)

- Final paper – based on the final presentation (30%, group)

All grading elements have to be passed in order to pass the course.
"Alle Prüfungselemente müssen mindestens bestanden sein."


Required Course Registration until Apr. 01, '19, 11:00 am

A successful registration for the examination requires

(1) an MTM-Master-Account,

(2) online registration HERE for THIS course, AND

(3) a signed application form in our mailbox, Pohligstr.1, 50969 Cologne

On April 1, we will forward the participant list to KLIPS / WiSo-PA, which will allow you (only those registered for the course) to register for the examination. After that you can and must register for the examination by April 4, 2019. We will send those of you registered a reminding eMail to your sMail account.


Notwendige Veranstaltungsanmeldung bis 1. Apr. '19, 11:00 Uhr

Eine erfolgreiche Anmeldung erfordert

(1) einen MTM-Master-Account,

(2) Online-Anmeldung für die Veranstaltung

(3) das unterschriebene Anmeldeformular in unserem Briefkasten, Pohligstr.1, 50969 Köln.

Am 1. April leiten die Teilnehmerliste an KLIPS / WiSo-PA. Daraufhin können und müssen Sie sich selbst bis zum 4. April 2019 für die Prüfung anmelden. Wir werden den für die Veranstaltung Angemeldeten eine Erinnerungsmail an ihr sMail Account senden.


For registration-related questions, please contact reinhard.kunz <at> from your sMail account.

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