Master - Media and Technology Management
'Platforms, Information Goods and Infrastructure (PIGI)'
(SS '19)

ONLY for WiSo MTM MSc. + MeWi Students, NOT for WiSo Minor Students

C. Wellbrock


4 SWS, 12 CP

Fridays, 08:00 am - 11:30 am

Location: HS XXIII (WiSo-Building)

Start: Apr. 05, '19

Exam: Jul. 12, '19, 9:00-10:00 am

Held in English


This course addresses the following topics: economics of digital goods, managerial peculiarities of digital markets and platforms, design and regulation of digital markets, platforms, and infrastructures, media and telecommunication technologies and their applicability, selected application areas of digital media, IT, and telecommunication technologies, 'Big Data Analytics': business strategies, economic potential, and societal impact.

Grading will be based on
- 10%: Pre-Assignment: Literature Summary (see below, due Apr. 04, '19, 11:00 am)
- 50%: 60-Minute Exam on Jul. 12, '19, 9:00-10:00 am, accounting for 50% of the grade.
- 40%: Paper, Topic handed out in class, due Jun. 19, 11:00 am
It is required to at least 'pass' (grade 4.0 or better) each grading element for passing the course.
"Alle Prüfungselemente müssen mindestens bestanden sein."

Pre-Assignment due Apr. 04, '19, 11:00 am
Read the highlighted parts of papers 1-3 and answer questions a and b:
1) Evans, D. S. and R. Schmalensee (2007). The Industrial Organization of Markets with Two-Sided Platforms. Competition Policy International, 3(1), 151-179. Chapters I-IV.
2) Rysman, M. (2009). The economics of two-sided markets. The Journal of Economic Perspectives, 23(3), 125-143. Pages 125-137.
3) Levin, J. (2012). The Economics of Internet Markets. Working Paper, Stanford University (Version: Jan 15, 2012). Chapter 2.

a) How do the authors of the three papers define platforms? In which ways do those definitions differ, what do they have in common?
b) What is the most important characteristic that sets multi-sided markets apart from 'regular' markets? Briefly explain why this is relevant for businesses.

Formal requirements:
- Max 750 words (excluding references), Times New Roman 12pt, 1.5 line spacing
- Send your pre-assignment as an e-mail attachment (pdf file) from your sMail-account to both AND
- Please make sure that you include your name and your matriculation number on the top of your document.
- The file name should be Lastname_PIGI_PA .
- Cite your sources in a proper scientific way, add a reference list (not included in 750 word limit)


Required Course Registration until Apr. 01, '19, 11:00 am

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