Master - Media and Technology Management:
Enterprises, Markets, and Strategies (EMS)
12 CP
(ONLY MTM MSc WiSo PO 2015 or MTM MeWi-Master PO 2015)

(WS '16/'17)

C. Loebbecke


Lecture and Exercise: Thursdays, 2:00-5:30 pm

Location: HS XXIII, WiSo-Building
First Assignment mailed on Oct. 01, '16 - due on Oct. 23, '16, 11:00 am
First Lecture: Oct. 20, '16, 2:00 pm in XXIII (WiSo-Building)

Held in English


Further Information

We will provide most course-related material (slides, literature list, etc) before the first session via e-mail to those who register online (see below). We recommend that you will bring that material to the first session, even if it is not required.


Grading / Credit Points

Grading will be based on

It is required to at least 'pass' (grade 4.0 or better) each grading element for passing the course.

Required Pre-Assignment
Read (1) Caves, Chapter 14,* and (2) Knee et al, Chapter 6,**.
Summarize those chapters (not the complete books, i.e., do not just copy book abstracts!) in about 250 words each and add another 250 words on how you expect and reason the two chapters represent similar or contrasting lines of argument regarding the specific case of 'making money as content provider'. Apply scientific writing style with correct literature referencing (see our website) IN THE TEXT, not with footnotes; no "ibid.", consistent formatting!

*  Caves, R. (2002) Creative Industries: Contracts Between Art and Commerce, Harvard University Press, Cambridge, MA, US.
** Knee, J., Greenwald, B., Seave, A. (2009) The Curse of the Mogul, Penguin Group, New York, NY, US.
can get the books online any time ... and we sent the chapters to you via eMail ─ the ones for the Pre-Assignment on Oct 1, 2016

Please send ONE mail with THREE non-protected word files per eMail attachment to claudia.loebbecke <at> AND to bjoern.michalik <at> We only read sMail accounts!!!!
eMail subject line: EMS12CP-I-Lastname (lastname only, no accent etc!)
File names:
-- EMS-12CP-I-Caves-Lastname.doc(x)
- EMS-12CP-I-BOTH-Lastname.doc(x) this is for the last 250 words on how you expect ....
Do not forget the hyphens, do not include spaces or anything else in the filenames!

Please make sure you have your name, Matr. Number, eMail address (sMail) and study program, and begin of program on top of the first page in EACH ASSIGNMENT FILE. Then continue typing, no need to have a cover sheet for such short pieces of work. I.e., we expect to receive three files, one page each: three times you name etc and about 250 words on the same page.

Registration for Course Material and Ongoing Info

Voluntary online registration HERE (MTM Master Account required) is recommended to receive course-related information via e-mail (literature, change of lecture hall, cancellation, aspects relevant for the exam).


Binding Registration until Oct. 17, '16, 11:00 am (including waiting list).
A successful registration requires

(1) an MTM-Master-Account,

(2) online registration here for the course, and

(3) a signed application form in our mailbox, Pohligstr.1, 50969 Cologne.

Registration is binding (last chance to withdraw is on Oct. 17, '16, 11:00 am).  Participation is limited -- on Oct. 17, '16, 11:00 am, we will forward the participant list to the WiSo-PA considering the registration sequence and perhaps waiting list for final admission. Later registration will NOT be possible.


For registration-related questions, please contact claudia.loebbecke <at>

Verbindliche Prüfungsanmeldung bis 17. Okt. '16, 11:00 Uhr (inklusive Warteliste)

Eine erfolgreiche Anmeldung erfordert

(1) einen MTM-Master-Account,

(2) Online-Anmeldung für die Veranstaltung

(3) unterschriebenes Anmeldeformular in unserem Briefkasten, Pohligstr.1, 50969 Köln.

Die Prüfungsanmeldung ist verbindlich (letzte Gelegenheit zur Abmeldung am 17. Okt. '16, 11:00 Uhr). Die Teilnahme ist begrenzt -- am 17. Okt. '16, 11:00 Uhr wird die Teilnehmerliste an das WiSo-PA unter Berücksichtigung der Anmeldereihenfolge und evtl. Warteliste weitergeleitet. Eine spätere Anmeldung ist NICHT möglich.

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