Master - Media and Technology Management: Seminar II
Sports and Media Management

(ONLY MTM MSc WiSo PO 2015)

(WS '16/'17)

Prof. Dr. Christian-Mathias Wellbrock (new colleague at the University of Cologne!)

2 SWS, 6 CP

Time: 9:00 am-14:00 pm, Dates see below, Start: Mar. 07, '17

Location: t. b. d.

Held in English

Pre-Assignment DUE Mar. 03, '17, 11:00 am


This course covers the economics and management of professional sports markets with a focus on media related issues, such as sports media rights and media coverage of professional sports. In particular, we will look into the following topics:


Mar. 07 (mandatory kick-off), Mar. 14, Mar. 21 (mandatory group presentation) (all '17) - max. 3 dates.


The session on Mar. 07, '17 is an input session, where we will discuss the above topics and identify possible research questions. At the end of the first session, students will form groups and each group decides on a research question. This research question will be worked on jointly in an empirical project. The results are to be presented On Mar. 14, '17, students give short presentations in which they clearly outline their research question, the way they attempt to address the question, and first results of their analyses. Students receive feedback from peers and the professor. On Mar. 21, '17, students present their final results. Final Papers will be due on Mar. 28 '17, 11:00 am.



Grading will be based on

Students receiving a grade of 4,0 or better in all grading elements will be awarded 6 Credit Points ('Leistungspunkte').

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