Master - Media and Technology Management
'Research and Publications'

(WS '17/'18)

C. Wellbrock

2 SWS, 6 CP

Thursdays, 5:45 pm - 9:00 pm

Location: HS XXIII (WiSo-Building)

Start: Oct. 19, '17

Held in English

Course Description and Purpose

The aim of this course is to accustom students to the basics of research on media and technology management. It will introduce research methods and approaches as well as prepare students for outlining and writing short papers and consequently a master thesis. The general idea is to systematically assess and subsequently practice writing the most important components of academic papers. During the first sessions, students will develop relevant research questions from the media and technology management field with the assistance of the instructor. In the course of the class, students will then learn how to systematically design and write a small research paper.

Dates and Location
Oct. 19 (mandatory!), Nov. 02, Nov. 09, Nov. 23, Nov. 30, Dec. 14 (all '17), Jan. 18, Jan. 25 (both '18) -- all in HS XXIII.

Course Grading / Credit Points

Grading will be based

It is required to at least 'pass' (grade 4.0 or better) each grading element for passing the course.
"Alle Prüfungselemente müssen mindestens bestanden sein."

REQUIRED EXAM Registration starting Aug. 01, '17, 11:00 am, open until Oct. 05, '17, 6 pm (including waiting list)
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(3) a signed application form in our mailbox, Pohligstr.1, 50969 Cologne.

Registration is binding (last chance to withdraw is on Oct. 05 '17, 6:00 pm. Participation is limited - we will forward the participant list to the WiSo-PA considering the registration sequence and perhaps waiting list for final admission. Later registration will NOT be possible.


For registration-related questions, please contact christian.wellbrock<at>

Verbindliche Prüfungsanmeldung ab 01. Aug. '17, 11:00 Uhr, bis 05. Okt. '17, 18:00 Uhr (inklusive Warteliste)

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(1) einen MTM-Master-Account,

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